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12th Jul 2011
‘People’ is here

I have found a passion for photographing people that has surprised me. I guess it starts with the idea that an otherwise pretty boring background can make for a great portrait, and there are plenty of those to be found. It is great practice, not to mention plenty of fun, working on composition and experimenting with available elements. As an urbanite, I also realized that shooting portraits would be a good angle to pursue for obvious reasons – lots and lots of potential subjects. What I have come to appreciate most about the endeavor however is, like most of the photography I prefer, it deals with the temporary, the fleeting. In this case, it’s about capturing that moment of perfect light, or that perfect look that gets at someone’s essence – maybe not the essence, but at least an essence, a pure part of them. For me it goes against the term ‘capture’ that comes up so often in relation to photography and one that always makes me a little uncomfortable. Capturing that essence or that fleeting moment actually sets it free by allowing it to be appreciated and celebrated – outside the headlong rush of time that allows so many other similar beautiful moments to fall into the cracks and be forgotten. Or at least to me it does.


Link to album here.