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1st Sep 2011
‘Meadowlark Farm’ for inspiration

“The Farm” (as I call it) has always been somewhat of a secret alternate universe for me. I go there seeking refuge from the city and all its busy-ness. I go there to get back to natural rhythms and natural things – heading to bed closer to when it gets dark outside (usually after a hard day’s work) and rising a little closer to when the sun rises (even though I’m technically on vacation when I’m there), taking naps when my body is exhausted, paying attention to the sounds of the breeze through the trees or the flocking red-winged blackbirds and smelling smoke on my clothes after a bonfire night communing with the stars, moon, and the crickets. I go there to help maintain a balance in my life between the mechanized and the natural world – as I don’t want to deny the world of which I am a part nor forget where I as a human come from. The Farm has taught me a lot about this balance. I thank Ann Davis and Nancy Mullins for making the sacrifices it has taken to keep Meadowlark Farm afloat – and in my life.

Below is not a photo from the new album, rather it is a series of many photos set to the opening track from Lovesongs that gives a good feel of the place. I hope you enjoy the photo album – and some of the many Meadowlark inspirations – anyway.


Link to album here.