This video for Seep, the opening track off of Lovesongs, is a compilation of timelapse photography taken at Meadowlark Farm in Sherrill, Iowa. These are some near-and-dear scenes to me, especially the closing sequence which is a bottom-up view of my favorite grain silo ever in the hours just before sunset. It is appropriate that images of Meadowlark Farm accompany Lovesongs‘ introductory piece as “The Farm” was the foremost inspiration for the album becoming the meditation on modernity that it did in the end.

This video for Was was shot by Seth McClellan in front of a sculpture by Bruce Nauman entitled “A House Divided” at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park in University Park, Illinois.

This video for Alone was also shot by Seth McClellan at Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve in Chicago Heights, Illinois. The cold winter setting provided a perfect symbolic parallel to the harsh system of South African apartheid about which the song was written.