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7th Feb 2012

Some of my photos are now on display at Lacuna Artist Loft Studios in Pilsen…Check the amazing bodywork of Gurley & Trotter, LMT and don’t forget to take a peek at my images after you’re all blissed out.



18th Oct 2011

I have always felt a strong affinity for the desert. Like Chicago, it is a place of extremes that has a strange hold on me for the toughness it expects of its inhabitants and the raw power of the elements you can experience there either in the flesh or by witnessing what remains. Although I have been disappearing into the desert for years now, this album comes from two recent trips – to Arizona last fall and to Utah this spring – and represents some of the stark beauty I encountered there, like this:


Link to album here.

1st Sep 2011

“The Farm” (as I call it) has always been somewhat of a secret alternate universe for me. I go there seeking refuge from the city and all its busy-ness. I go there to get back to natural rhythms and natural things – heading to bed closer to when it gets dark outside (usually after a hard day’s work) and rising a little closer to when the sun rises (even though I’m technically on vacation when I’m there), taking naps when my body is exhausted, paying attention to the sounds of the breeze through the trees or the flocking red-winged blackbirds and smelling smoke on my clothes after a bonfire night communing with the stars, moon, and the crickets. I go there to help maintain a balance in my life between the mechanized and the natural world – as I don’t want to deny the world of which I am a part nor forget where I as a human come from. The Farm has taught me a lot about this balance. I thank Ann Davis and Nancy Mullins for making the sacrifices it has taken to keep Meadowlark Farm afloat – and in my life.

Below is not a photo from the new album, rather it is a series of many photos set to the opening track from Lovesongs that gives a good feel of the place. I hope you enjoy the photo album – and some of the many Meadowlark inspirations – anyway.


Link to album here.

12th Jul 2011

I have found a passion for photographing people that has surprised me. I guess it starts with the idea that an otherwise pretty boring background can make for a great portrait, and there are plenty of those to be found. It is great practice, not to mention plenty of fun, working on composition and experimenting with available elements. As an urbanite, I also realized that shooting portraits would be a good angle to pursue for obvious reasons – lots and lots of potential subjects. What I have come to appreciate most about the endeavor however is, like most of the photography I prefer, it deals with the temporary, the fleeting. In this case, it’s about capturing that moment of perfect light, or that perfect look that gets at someone’s essence – maybe not the essence, but at least an essence, a pure part of them. For me it goes against the term ‘capture’ that comes up so often in relation to photography and one that always makes me a little uncomfortable. Capturing that essence or that fleeting moment actually sets it free by allowing it to be appreciated and celebrated – outside the headlong rush of time that allows so many other similar beautiful moments to fall into the cracks and be forgotten. Or at least to me it does.


Link to album here.

6th Jun 2011

And after the search for just any signs of life…the EXPLOSION!!! What a welcomed sight – one that makes me forget the depths of winter that we’ve learned to endure here in Chicago. Here are a couple that didn’t make the album…



Link to album here.

15th May 2011

Every Chicago winter makes me long for life – and I know I’m not the only one. I get sensitive to it, from the slowly receding lake ice to the subtly increasing warmth of the sun in late February and early March to the tiny buds forming covertly that will eventually make themselves well-known. It is truly about the little things. The pulse of life returns slowly and quietly, but it returns without fail. And we are waiting…watching.


Link to album here.

1st Mar 2011

This album stemmed from a day last March after a warm spell had made snow into puddles and then a sideways nighttime snowfall held tight to the trees. Sunny skies the next day brought the magic to life – snow that caught the light through the puddles’ visual distortion. I was distracted with inspiration, spent about an hour running around like a child, and returned home so excited to see the result. When I eventually finished Lovesongs – with its city/Nature theme – there was no doubt that this lovely and productive day had also produced an album cover. Here is one of my personal favorites from the shoot – no Photoshop necessary.


Link to album here.

15th Feb 2011

It was a magical day on Antelope Island (near Salt Lake City)…that I would love to share with you. Actually it was my first day with the LensBaby so by the end of it my vision was doing some strange things – but it was well worth it. I’m pretty excited by the result. Below is a taste. Hope you enjoy!


Link to album here.

31st Jan 2011
7th Jan 2011