20th May 2011

After a great show on Friday the 13th (of May), we’ll be back at The Bird’s Nest (2500 N. Southport) for another monumental night on Friday, June 10th at 9pm. This will be the first time the full band has played together is several years. Joining me will be Antonio Carella on electric guitar, Kurt Festge on keys, John Vander Weit on bass, Brian O’Quinn on drums, and Chris Paquette on percussion. Hope to see you there!

22nd Apr 2011

When the world, she’s laid to rest, looking up from six feet under
And with her all hope and despair are tucked away – for forever and a day
Wondering if it had to go like this…
Why can’t we see what we’ve got til it’s gone?
Now all I miss is her sweet kiss, her warm embrace, her humble song

My baby, my baby, I need your love
You know lately I can’t seem to find my way

I see you there, can’t help but stare
cuz all that you’ve got is all I need –
my heart and soul you feed
The sun in my daytime
and the moon in my night
I’d be nothing or lost without your light
To my eyes you give sight

My baby, my baby, I need your love
You know lately I can’t seem to find my way

Wherever I go, dear, I forever know you’ll be
Let me always hold your bloody heart near
and in the sunshine we’ll be free
I’ll walk your muddy roads for now, unafraid,
and you can rain on me
Ashamed as I am for this mess that I’ve made
but much brighter days I see

My baby, my baby, I need your love
You know lately I can’t seem to find my way
My lady, lovely lady, to you I see how much I owe
And when I’m gone from here please know I wanted to stay

© 2011

17th Apr 2011

On April 12th, my brother’s birthday, I got an anonymous SMS saying my song was on the radio. My response: “You lie.” “No, really, on Local Anesthetic.” I knew then it wasn’t a lie as I’d sent Richard Milne my album just after I finished it in January. Long story short, I was able to get out the word about the radio debut of ONLY LOVE, and of my debut album Lovesongs for that matter, for the second airing of Local Anesthetic’s Capsule on April 14th. It’s no small matter that WXRT has been my favorite station since I got into Sgt. Pepper and The Wall when I was 13. My grandma, the inspiration for this song, was looking down. I am now in the process of getting my social media updated:) Thanks Richard! Signed, Man of Mystery

12th Apr 2011

Come and join some of the crew and I for a full set at the Bird’s Nest (2500 N. Southport, Chicago). Can’t wait to share a few Lovesongs with you, both old and new. Been a long time coming:)

7th Apr 2011

Would love to see you at Sylvie’s (1902 W. Irving Park, Chicago) on Tax Day – I’ll be playing a short acoustic set between 9:30 and 10:00. The Genral would love to see you too!

27th Jan 2011

And please share the links (whichever) with anyone that might be interested

6th Jan 2011
4th Jan 2011
30th Dec 2010

Been waiting for this day a little while now – well, a looong while actually…

29th Dec 2010

Faster than I expected…Lovesongs is now available on iTunes(at least in the U.S.)! Click here.

29th Dec 2010

Great news for the New Year…Lovesongs will be available any day now! Can’t wait to introduce my baby to the world:)