24th Jan 2011

“[T]hree billion people, roughly half the world’s population, presently subsist on two Dollars or less every day, over 1 billion live in countries in civil war, 800 million have insufficient food, and 1.3 billion lack access to clean water.”
-P.W. Singer, 2006, “The Enablers of War: Causal Factors behind the Child Soldier Phenomenon,” 5.

If the world were reduced to a village of 100 people, only 1 person would have a college degree; 85 people would live in huts and be hungry most of the time; 67 individuals would not have access to clean drinking water; 6 people would be in control of half the wealth; and of the 67 adults, 37 would be literate.
-Arlington Institute, 2005, ‘Future Conflict Scenarios Briefing.’

23rd Jan 2011

2006 marks the 1st time in human history when more than half the world’s population will be living in cities. Nearly all have been attracted by greater opportunities and a better standard of living…at times real, often imagined -> look at rapidly expanding ghettos around the world, plagued by lack of employment and shocking levels of crime and internal strife. Families have been torn apart, children and adults alike made to endure things it seems no one should: detachment from social support systems, dehumanizing scenes of dogs eating dogs in the struggle for survival, loss of personal identity in the anonymity of urbanization. Indigenous cultures are threatened to the point of extinction. Are we to call this development? Advancement? Progress?

It is in this reality, however disillusioning, that we must look forward in hope, and with a commitment to contributing what we can to being part of a solution. The first step is acknowledgment. As the world is moving faster and becoming more complicated, my personal plea is for the recovery of the human spiritual potential – that quality which sees value in being part of the greater human family – while respecting the Earth as a delicate living organism. We must remain aware that these relationships are predicated on balance, and that this equilibrium can only follow from consciousness of and commitment to our role as protector of our home…including ALL its people and fellow inhabitants, animate and inanimate. Towards this end, I hope above all else for the realization of our capability – of our very responsibility – in being active and positive creators in both our individual and collective destinies.